Year's End Booklist, 2014

I spent the last night of 2014 watching the webseries "Carmilla" from beginning to end (everyone is gay! I love it!). For the last day of 2014 I went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History, because it is good to be reminded that we are small, the universe is endlessly appealing and strange, and tardigrades will always be more hardcore than pretty much everything. 

2014 has been a fantastic year in terms of books- I walked out of the Lambda Retreat with a recommended reading list the length of a humboldt squid, and have been steadily gnawing my way through (interspersed with the occasional used bookstore random and fluffy historical fiction, of course). I have been introduced to so many incredible authors; it really feels like an honor to be part of a literary community of thoughtful, beautiful oddballs. I hope to dig myself ever deeper into that community in the coming years, and meet and read the people who are changing the world. 

Here's to all the humans, books, and natural phenomena that make this tiny, immense journey worth it!


Fearless Creating- Eric Maisel

The Princess and the Outlaw- Jean Roberta (Lambda Literary Review book)

Long Quiet Highway- Natalie Goldberg

A Map of Everything- Elizabeth Early (LLR)

Grace, or the Art of Climbing- Lauren Feldman (play)

Sentencing Day- Brian Van Slyke

Corona- Bushra Rehman (LLR)

Autobiography of Red- Anne Carson (HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT ANNE CARSON? What have I been doing with my life?)

The History of Love- Nicole Krauss

Bluets- Maggie Nelson

The Land of Painted Caves- Jean M. Auel

Outlander- Diana Gabaldon

Acts of Levitation- Laynie Brown

Dragonfly in Amber- Diana Gabaldon

Like a Beggar- Ellen Bass

Radial Symmetry- Katherine Larson

Voyager- Diana Gabaldon

Drums of Autumn- Diana Gabaldon

Space, in Chains- Laura Kasischke

Mysterious Acts by My People- Valerie Wetlaufer

Black hands of a morning calm- Ayshia Stephenson

Nevada- Imogen Binnie

When my Brother Was an Aztec- Natalie Diaz

You're Not Edith- Allison Gruber (LLR)

Seam- Tarifa Faizullah

Blood Dazzler- Patricia Smith

Wolf Centos- Simone Meunch

Eyes, Stones- Elana Bell

Slow Lightning- Eduardo C. Corral

Erosion- Jorie Graham

The Seven Ages- Louise Gluck

Deepstep Come Shining- C.D. Wright