Articles & Reviews

Plenitude, "The Importance of Writing About Queer Sex" 

Contrary, "Bookshares and Travel: Take One Book, Read Many"

Cactus Heart, review, "Running at Night by Ned Randle" 

Lambda Literary, review, "The Princess and the Outlaw by Jean Roberta"

Lambda Literary, review, "A Map of Everything by Elizabeth Earley"

Lambda Literary, review, "Corona by Bushra Rehman"

Lambda Literary, review, "You're Not Edith by Allison Gruber"

Lambda Literary, Review, "The Devastation by Melissa Buzzeo"



The Bakery, "Uses for Death" 

Flyway, "Ditch Burning" 

Blood Lotus, Issue 26, "Thinking of Home in the Jungle,"

Contrary, "The Trouble With Paradise" 

Triggerfish Critical Review, "The Flooded Grave," "Girl on the Bus, Liberia to Playa Del Coco" Magazine, "Disappearing, Parque Central, Antigua," "First Night in the Desert," "Desert Under Moon, Joshua Tree"

The Guidebook, "Crossing, Idaho"

Blast Furnace, Volume 3, "Denver to Chicago," "Two Stories of Vanishing"

RATTLE, "About-to-Rain" 

Written River, "Falling Forward"

Eunoia Review, "Odd Love," "A Young Girl Encounters Roadkill," "Bird Watching," "Someone murdered my niece today," "Second Language," "What Not to Share With Chickens," "Cut," "Bystanders," "Jealousy," "Road Cat"

Literary Traces, "What You Know About Fences,"  "Alone in the Room With You," "Gathering Fish, El Tunco," "Waking Early, Utila," "The Whip Master's Assistant"

Blossombones, "Blueprint"

Broad!, Issue 1, "Taking Fruit," "Horns," Issue 2 "Twice," "Opened"

Burner Magazine, Issue 5, "Corpses in Orbit: a Pop Quiz for You, First Love"

Damselfly Press, Issue 17, "Heartbreak," Issue 22, "Wanting"

Phantom Kangaroo, "Doppelganger of a Dead Boy"

(T)OUR, "Recipe for Burning," "Novia"

RHINO, "Skin Deep" (audio)



Stone Highway, "Funeral for a Bird of Prey"

Squalorly, "Becoming Adamantia, Whose Great-Great-Grandmother Almost Went to Hell"

Side B Magazine, "Not Your Things"

Ghost Ocean, "Buried Things"

Grey Sparrow Press, "Chopin's Heart is Buried Beneath a Pillar in Warsaw"

Ozone Park, "Regrowth"

Vestal Review, "O-Negative" (nominated for Pushcart Prize 2011)


Other Print Publications: Allegheny Review, RHINO, Plenitude, Dirtcakes, Gertrude, Fifth Wednesday, Bloom, Cactus Heart

PLUS: a link to my travel advice blog geared towards queer women, which I began before embarking on a six month backpacking trip in Central America. It ended up more or less abandoned once I realized it was going to be next to impossible to post regular or coherent updates while actually traveling in places where internet is is scarce and pages load ever so slowly, but there's still some solid advice on necessities, safety, and nifty backpacks: